The vast majority of our troughs were found in rural China and range from 12 inches to 8 feet in length and weigh between 75 pounds to more than 1.5 tons. These carved stone troughs were originally used to feed and water livestock. Typically they are repurposed today as planters or water features. Some of our more unique pieces are being repurposed as kitchen farm sinks, bathroom sink basins and bathtubs.

Small Troughs


Beautifully hand carved granite, the small troughs can be planters or tabletop water features. Some of our small troughs are the perfect size for a rustic farmhouse sink or bathroom basin.

Medium Granite Troughs

Our medium troughs are the most "typical" size you see in garden landscapes. Most of the troughs in this category average 24 to 27 inches wide, 40 up to 50 inches wide, and 12 to 14 inches deep. The beginning weight of this class is 700 pounds up to 1200 pounds.

Large Troughs