Garden Art



Millstones make fabulous statuary bases, water features or simply stand alone as unique garden accessories. The majority of our millstones were found in rural China, are carved from granite and possess a unique furrowing and patina. Our millstones range in size from 14 inches to more than 6 feet in diameter. The largest ones can be repurposed as table tops or as a medallion stone in a patio or driveway.


Copper Planters

Copper Planters

Our inventory of coppers consist of some of our most unique finds from Southern France, England, Switzerland and the Netherlands. From small copper kettles to our largest piece, a cheese making vat from Switzerland that is well over 5’ in diameter, all of our coppers have a beautiful verdigris patina, and most date back to early to mid 1800’s. Our copper inventory is constantly turning over so be sure to monitor and watch our inventory regularly.


The vast majority of our troughs were found in rural China and range in sizes from 12 inches in length to over 8 feet and weigh between 75 pounds to more than 1.5 tons. The original use for these carved stone troughs was for water and feed for livestock. Typically they are repurposed today as planters or water features. Some of our more unique pieces are being repurposed as kitchen farm sinks, bathroom sink basins and bathtubs.


Stone Rollers

Found in rural China, these granite and limestone rollers once used for grinding grain are now ready for a new purpose. Free standing as a water feature or as a pedestal for a trough sink or millstone fountain these substantial granite pieces make a wonderful addition to any garden. 


English Staddle Stones

Dating to the late 1700’s, these mushroom shaped stones were used as a foundation for storehouses to prevent vermin from purloining precious food stores. These stones are all have dense patina and are hosts for both moss and lichen. Rett received special permission from The Department of Agriculture to ship theses stones with the horticulture intact. Staddle stones make amazing bases for tables or garden statuary, but they also stand beautifully on their own as feature pieces. Antique Staddle stones are becoming increasingly hard to find.