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Loading in at Music City Center in Nashville TN

People are always curious about how we move all this stone around, so I thought I'd give you some insights to the process. It starts with a myriad of calculations. The size of the items going to the show, the weight of the items and the load capacity of the truck. Then it's lots of heavy lifting and loading.

loading truck for Antiques and Garden show.JPG

When we get to the venue. We MUST have a forklift to unload. We had planned to take ours to Nashville but we weren't able to fit it on the truck. Luckily some very kind folks down in Nashville helped us out. 

With a "load in" time scheduled, the trucks get in the queue and then pull right up to the booth space and unload.

loading in at MCC in Nashville.JPG

Rett always has a sketch for the layout which we use as a starting point. Adjustments are made as needed. Items are placed in position and then the real fun begins!

setting up the booth.JPG

The it's time for my favorite part, refinement and fluffing. We hide all the mechanics like electrical cords and lighting fixtures. Put away the tools and fill the fountains. Next we wipe down all the pieces, cover the potted plants with moss and add a great centerpiece to the table.  We continue to make tiny adjustments here and there until we have the perfect vignette.